Since it is the middle of the winter Olympics then it is a good time to talk about the people that like to do their best in winter sports even though Sarah Burke did not make it to the Canadian Winter Olympics. Even though Sarah is a Canadian herself she has been very busy with her other adventure sport to make it to the world class event of the Olympics. Sarah grew up in Midland Ontario in Canada which is one of the bigger cities in the areas where it snow a lot, which is most of Canada. Born in 1982 Sarah is nearly going on 30 years old which is good for as international star to achieve for sports. Many of the sporting personalities are prone to injuries or other commitments which means that they are out before they reach the age of 30 however Sarah looks like she has plenty of time to make everything work out for the best.

Sarah has a great skiing career which starts her out in 2001 where she won the US free skiing open championship in the half pipe. She was the first to win the first ever half pipe ski event. For her freestyle skiing she was won three times in the Winter X games where the competition is very tough against other great extreme skiing personalities from around the world. The sites are unbelievable as Sarah and the other contestants do their things on their skis or their snow boards and churn up the grounds doing all of their freestyle tricks and other moves. Some of the awards that Sarah Burke has won are the 2001 female skier of the year as well as the 2007 best female action sports athlete.

Sarah Burke is a good girl that enjoys her sports as well as her home life where she is said to be a good cook and is also into mountain bike riding as well as a few other sports and recreational activities. She was asked to appear as the sexiest sports model in the 2006 FHM magazine which was one of the best selling issues of the year because Sarah was in it in her sexy gold bikini. This made her even more famous and granted her access to sponsors and other benefits that celebrity status can help you to achieve even if you do not go asking for it.