The Sarah Burke Performance Award

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On January 19, 2012, the world lost one of the most iconic freestyle female skiers to ever grace a slope or halfpipe – Sarah Burke. A year after her tragic death following a training accident in Utah, the world still remembers her.


Sarah was a multiple X Games and FIS World Cup winner. She was also widely credited with helping to make halfpipe skiing an Olympic sport. The skier was supposed to make her debut in the 2014 Games in Sochi, Russia, where the sport would have been introduced and she would have been strongly favored to win the gold medal. It’s such a shame she did not live to see that her efforts paid off.

Last year, Winsport Canada introduced the Sarah Burke Performance Award to honor her memory and contributions to winter sports. Any Canadian athlete who has a podium at a World Cup event at Canada Olympic Park earns a $5,000 award in Sarah’s memory.

Winsport has extended this award throughout the 2013 season. As such, Canadian mogul skiers competing at the 2013 Freestyle Ski Moguls Grand Prix Presented by Volvo will be eligible to earn this award in her memory.


Peter Judge, Canadian Freestyle Ski Association CEO, said: “This is a very fitting way to memorialize, recognize and perpetuate the contributions that Sarah made to sport in this country”.

In 2012, four Canadian freestyle athletes earned the Sarah Burke Performance Award at the World Cup in Calgary, Canada.

This is not the only thing that has been done in Sarah’s memory. The day after her unfortunate death, Sarah’s agent established a website to raise $550,000. The money were used to help pay her estimated $200,000 hospitalization costs, but also to raise a foundation “to honor Sarah’s legacy and promote the ideals she valued and embodied”.

The Sarah Burke Foundation is committed to provide inspiration and support to those in need. It is also the foundation’s mission to preserve Sarah’s goodwill and her actions by supporting and inspiring current and future generations.


Sarah’s spirit will continue to be apart of our lives through each and everyone of your posts! She’s in every snowflake, every ray of sunshine, every breeze, more than ever, now and always, we #BelieveInSarah”, said Trennon Paynter on the foundation’s website, who is recognized as one of the most experienced halfpipe ski coaches in the world.

What a beautiful way to celebrate Sarah Burke!

The Legacy of Sarah Burke

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On January 2012, the snow industry lost an icon, Sarah Burke, freeskiing pioneer, six time X Games gold medallist, beloved wife, daughter, sister, aunt and friend passed away. Sarah was truly a legendary athlete, role model and an inspiration. She was everything so many of the athletes want and aspire to be.


Female athletes everywhere owe a great debt of gratitude to Sarah’s passionate efforts over the last 15 years. As the first competitive female freeskier, she successfully lobbied the Winter X Games to include women in freeskiing events on equal standing. It is because of Sarah’s efforts that female winter freeskiers are the only athletes in the world to receive equal prize purses to that of men.

Her sport achievements:

  • Gold -- 2007 Aspen Superpipe
  • Gold -- 2008 Aspen Superpipe
  • Gold -- 2009 Aspen Superpipe
  • Gold -- 2011 Aspen Superpipe
  • Silver -- 2005 Aspen Superpipe

Sarah brought worldwide recognition and validation to the sport she so loved. Every ski athlete chosen to represent his or her country at the 2014 Sochi Olympics will feel her influence.

She is also a pioneer of her generation. Her life and legacy is all about the true spirit of action sports, a movement of individuals driven to innovate, master and explore the frontier of physical possibility. Sarah’s love of skiing took her life to amazing places.


At 29, her life suddenly ended. After a terrible accident in Park City, Utah, she was taken to the Salt Lake City hospital. She had sustained irreversible damage to her brain due to lack of oxygen and blood after cardiac arrest.

As a result of her fall, Burke tore her vertebral artery, which led to severe bleeding on the brain, causing her to go into cardiac arrest on the scene, according to publicist Nicole Wool. Sarah Burke wanted that after her death, her organs and tissues to be donated.

The day after her death, her agent established a website to raise $550.000 to help her family pay her estimated $200.000 hospital costs and establish a foundation to honour Sarah’s legacy and promote the ideals she valued and embodied.

At the 2012 Winter X Games, her friends, family and fellow athletes honoured her with a candlelight vigil in the Superpipe. Watch the video below:

The Career And Life Of Sarah Burke

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Sarah Burke was a famous winter sports player, born in 1982, Ontario, Canada. She was a wonderful freestyle skier, born into a family of skiers, so she loved snow ever since she was a little girl. Burke was raised in Midland, Canada, but she had to travel a lot with her ski team and sacrificed her free time for her passion. While traveling, she discovered a new sport, freestyle and she was thrilled by all the movements and the tricks that she had to do. It was something new and she was very excited about that. Sarah was also very beautiful and very talented, being very obvious that she likes very much what she does. Plus, this incredible skier was very discrete and she didn’t want to give too many details about her personal life. She has been a four-time Winter X Games gold medallist and won-the world championship in the halfpipe in 2005. She had to lobby the International Olympic Committee in 2014, but she died in a training accident in Utah. Burke was considered a pioneer of superpipe skiing and she managed to win first place in US Freeskiing Open half-pipe that took place in 2001.

In addition, she also appeared in skiing films, emphasizing her incredible skills such as spinning, rainbow rails and many other things, which were very risky, but Sarah was too passionate about what she was doing and she wasn’t afraid at all. In 2006, she was voted as number 91 on the FHM-U.S. 100 Sexiest Women and in 2010 she married Rory Bushfield, a freeskier. Their wedding took place in Pemberton, British Columbia, but it didn’t last too long as in 2012 she died, after being injured while training in Park City, Utah.

Although the injuries didn’t seem too severe at the beginning, on 19 January 2012, Sarah Burke died. The doctors made a lot of efforts to repair her vertebral artery, but it was too late and she didn’t survived as the damage to her brain was also irreversible. Her organs were donated, just the way Sarah Burke wanted. She was a major loss for the sports world, her contributions being huge and very important. Burke’s importance for this new sport will always be appreciated and will remain in the history of sports.

Sarah Burke – The Tragedy Of A Young Death

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Sarah Burke was one of the most famous winter sports players of our times and a pioneer in her field. Her career span covered numerous competitions and sportive events of great importance. Sarah Burke competed for Canada in many tournaments. She gained gold medals in the 2005 Ruka Halfpipe competition and then, from 2007 until 2011, she won the Aspen Superpipe gold medal. The competitions necessitated a lot of training an numerous extensive hours spent on the slopes in order to become better and better. Unfortunately, during one of the trainings, Sarah Burke lost her life tragically.

In the early days of January 2012, Sarah Burke was training for another Superpipe competitions on the slopes of the Park City Mountain Eagle Resort, in Park City, Utah. Although a very talented and skilled sportswoman, Sarah Burke managed to fall, after she had perfectly completed one of the most difficult parts of the track there. People who witnessed the accident said that the fall she had taken did not seem that dangerous. Unfortunately, this was not true. The massive hit that Sarah Burke suffered to her head lead to a cardiac arrest state, which was caused by the shock, as well as by the power of the hit. After being discovered and continuously resuscitated on the slope, she was immediately taken to the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. The damage that was done to the nervous system, brain and main arteries lead her to be placed under an induced coma. The doctors thought that she could have a better chance survival if the body functions were reduced until she underwent surgery. However, these actions did not manage to aid Sarah Burke, as she finally died on January, 19. The damage suffered after the hit was so difficult that the body could not survive.

Sarah Burke was an amazing sportswoman and her tragic death shocked the world. Many other athletes have lost their lives or have suffered traumatic accidents on the slope in the Park City Mountain Eagle Resort. Another famous case of this kind was that of Kevin Pearce.

Sarah Burke – The Beginning of Her Career

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Sarah Burke is a Canadian freesyle skier, born in 1982 in Ontario, Canada, into a family of skiers, so practically the snow was her second home. Little did her family know back then that their little blonde girl would pave the way for women skiers and change the way this sport is looked at forever.

She was raised in Midland, Canada, so she started skiing when she was only a little girl. Then, at only 15, she started to compete on moguls and traveled across North America with her Ontario ski team. While doing all this traveling, she noticed that a new sport was born: Freeskiing. She was so excited by all the stunts and the tricks that she saw, that it did not take her long to abandon the world of moguls and to start concentrating on this sport. In only two years, Sarah was becoming the world’s first competitive female Freeskier.

By 2001 she mastered Superpipe and Slopestyle and she already had a silver and a gold medal in the U.S. Open. Then she became the first and only woman to land a 1080-degree spin in competition and she won eight Gold Medals and five Silver Medals. Sarah’s performances were nationally recognized when she won back-to-back People’s Choice Awards for Female Skier of the Year in 2001 and 2002. her performances continue to surprise everyone even now.

This is the story of a girl who became the world’s champion at freeskiing in only 6 years and who had the courage to face a sport dominated by men. She is an innovative spirit and an incontestable presence of the sport called freeskiing. Sarah Burke is not even 20 years old, but she is a ski superstar and I am sure that she will keep this statute for a very long time.

Sarah Burke Had Great Performance

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Born in 1982, Sarah Burke is a Canadian freestyle skier. US Freeskiing Open in half-pipe was the beginning of her career after she won the first place and then the second place at slopestyle. What is great is that Sarah Burke won the first championship halp-pipe that has ever been in the world. She also won for time the gold medal for Winter X Games in freesking.

Sarah Burke pictures will show you the way she acts when she is competing and the beauty that she has also. Although she is young, she worked a lot to have such performance and she is also talented and, in a way, made for this type of sport. She was considered on of the sexiest women the the FHM magazine. Sarah Burke pictures appear in this magazine and you will see that she really looks great. In 2001 she won the ESPN award for the best woman skier and in 2007 she was voted as Best Female Action Sports Athlete.

Other passions that Sarah Burke has are knitting, mountain biking, cooking, painting, climbing and doing exercises in the gym. In 2010 she married Rory Bushfield in Pemberton, a fellow freeskier. She has received a lot of awards and she is one of the most good looking sports women that appeared in a men magazine, being considered one of the most beautiful and in shape women. Sarah Burke had to work a lot, to practice very much in order to have such an amazing performance. She does not want to give an interview too often as she is discrete and has a great reputation. She has decent and nice pictures that will show you how well she looks and what beautiful and healthy skin she has.

Sarah Burke 101

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Sarah Burke is best known for being a freestyle skier from Ontario, Canada. She was born in 1982 and now resides in the city of Whistler which is located in British Columbia. After she participated n the Winter Olympics Burke became world renowned as an outstanding athlete worthy of high praise. She managed to place first in the 2001 US Freeskiing Open which only helped her to establish herself as one of the top athletes in her sport which she has worked incredibly hard at perfecting as much as possible. With three different gold medals for the Winter X Games, Burke is certainly an experienced and highly talented woman who shows immense promise and is determined to make even more of a name for herself around the world in the coming years.

Over the last 10 years or so she has taken home both gold and silver medals, winning a wide variety of awards and was even voted one of the sexiest women of 2006 by the FHM. She has stated that skiing is only one thing she is passionate about, along with mountain bike riding as well as going to the gym to work out so she can stay in shape. In her down time she also enjoys to cook, paint, bake, and knit. The friends and family Burke has know her as an extremely kind and gentle person, despite how competitive she can be on the slopes.

Sarah Burke Biography

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Sarah Burke is a world famous Canadian freestyle skier. Sarah was born in 1982 and grew up in Midland in Ontario, Canada. Sarah now lives in Whistler, British Columbia. Whistler was made internationally famous when it played host to the Winter Olympics.

In 2001 Sarah placed first in the US Freeskiing Open in the half-pipe competition and second in the slope style competition. Sarah won the first ever world championships in the half-pipe event. She has also won three Winter X Games gold medals for freestyle skiing. In 2001 Sarah won the ESPN’s Award for the female skier of the year. 2007 saw Sarah voted in as the best female action sports athlete at the ESPY awards. The ESPY awards are an annual award event held by the American cable television network ESPN.

Sarah has won gold and silver at the Winter X Games in the Superpipe event. In 2005 she achieved the silver medal and in 2007, 2008 and 2009 she won the gold medal for her efforts. Sarah has also participated in skiing films including Propaganda. In Propaganda she performs many of her trade mark moves. You can see her sliding huge rainbow rails and she performs a huge spin in the pipe as well as completing back flips with grace and ease.

As well as the many sporting achievements that Sarah has achieved she was voted onto the top one hundred of the FHM (United States) sexiest women list for 2006. Sarah has many other interests when not on the slopes which include mountain bike riding, working out at the gym, as well as some quieter activities including knitting, baking and cooking and painting.

Sarah Burke

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With the recent news from the Winter Olympics happening right now then we are reminded that Sarah Burke is still a famous free style skier and snowboarder. Sarah was a Canadian girl who grew up in America and started to ski and snowboard at a very young age. Sarah’s talents were soon recognized as she started to win awards and trophies for her skills. Being one of the few queens of the air with her freestyle jumping and other talents on a pair of skis Sarah has gained a lot of respect as well as plenty of recognition. It has become the norm for the good looking athletes to get into modeling with their nice tones bodies and athletic looks. There were no surprises when Sarah decided that she would pose for FHM magazine in some very sexy shots. This gave the guys who admired her some good ideas about what she looked like under all those winter clothing which was something spectacular you would have to admit.

Sarah was the 2009 champion of the winter X games which are some very exciting events games which consist of some of the more spectacular extreme sports that you can do in the snow. Unfortunately for Sarah she was not selected for the winter Olympics this year in 2010 which I am sure she will not regret after doing so well last year in the X games. Even though Sarah is a very talented skier the Winter Olympics do not host the particular sport that Sarah participates in. It was a shame for the games themselves because not only would Sarah being there cause even more media sensation but she could have shown some very impressive talents to the world. The ski fields will have to wait for Sarah to finish what she is doing and then return to the white covered fun.

Sarah Burke

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Sarah Burke is one of the best looking sports stars to appear in the FHM magazine where she strips down for us into some very sexy and lacy underwear which she looks totally divine in. Her brown ski bunny tan is looking great an all the boys would love to look after a beautiful girl like Sarah. With a gorgeous face and a body to match it is no wonder why the FHM team chose her to star in their magazine. A Canadian girl with good looks as well as talent we would love to see her go all the way to the top of the ladder in whatever she decides to do with her life. Famous freestyle skier or just beautiful model, Sarah will have plenty of fans to keep her in the fame.

Sarah is a well known sports star for her efforts as a freestyle skiing master where she represents her country in the winter Olympics. Her talent as a skier in only surpassed by her beautiful body which is one of the many reason that we all love her. Her freestyle skiing has won her many trophies as well as the international respect of many different people, sporting and non sporting alike. Sarah is going on thirty in a few years but her face still looks like she is straight out of school. What lies next for Sarah is anyone’s guess but she would surely know if we don’t.

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